The Mighty Genehack Web Empire is the online treefort of John SJ Anderson and assorted family and friends. You are, as they say, soaking in it. Behind the scenes, everything lives in one giant git repository that handles the details of making all the content look uniformly pretty -- or at least uniform -- as well as spewing the bits out to the appropriate places on multiple vhosts spread across at least two servers. No baling wire is harmed during the production of these websites.


(with all due apologies to Wired...)

editor GNU Emacs, with occasional vim-age around the edges
code Perl 5.10
web server Apache
revision control system git
operating systems Linux (Debian, Gentoo), MacOS X
photos Canon Digital Rebel, Canon S10, HTC Dream smart phone, Sony MVC-FD92 (retired)
post-processing Acorn, Gimp, ImageMagick

Name Checks

Cam and Dave provided examples that resulted in me becoming a regular weblogger, way way back in the day.

Dan, Wes, and Brig have influenced my style and design in many large and small ways. Thanks!

Lyn and Steve and other members of my 'net family' provide continuing motivation and inspriation.

This incarnation of the Mighty Genehack Web Empire is brought to you by

a renewed desire to spew words upon the void; fatherhood; work avoidance; the damn kids these days; Neuromancer turning twenty-fricking-five years old this year.

previous incarnations were due to


egoboo; wrist braces; work avoidance; leftover turkey; hypertension; Guided By Voices: Do the Collapse; The Get Up Kids: Something To Write Home About; HTML, hand-crafted with care.

dreams of silver planes sliding over inky black voids; wrist pain; work avoidance; the dvorak keyboard; the return of the rentals; chicken burritos and garlic salsa.